Questions & answers

What do I do with my horse hair/ashes?

Post the hair/ashes with your details to this address: 1 Drumlanrig Mews, Hawick, Scottish Borders, TD9 0AF

How much hair or ashes do I need?

Bracelet or Cuff approx 10 inches long and 1cm thick all one length

Pendant/stock-pin/ring 4 inches long 1 cm thick

For resin items a small amount of hair 1/2 cm-3cm, 1/4 teaspoon ashes

Does the hair need to be clean?

Unless you request the washing service.Please wash the hair in washing up liquid, this removes all dirt and grease. DO NOT PUT CONDITIONER ON THE HAIR

How long does it take before I receive my item?

Depending on how busy I am, at the outside 4/5 but generally 2 weeks from receiving hair. If you need it sooner please contact via email.

How do I choose a colour for resin product?

There is a palette photo on the resin page, email your colour choice/choices

Do you do other items?

Yes please see gallery page, or pop over to Facebook and look at my photos.

things are forever evolving 

Any other question please feel free to email